Fabián Pérez Tedesco

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Fabián Pérez Tedesco, percussionist and composer, was born in Buenos Aires in 1963. He started his music studies at the age of six and graduated from Argentina's National Conservatory of Music. He attended graduate courses with Maestri Peter Sadlo and Gert Mortensen.

In Argentina he joined several orchestras, among them the Radio Nacional Youth Orchestra and the Buenos Aires Philharmonic. In 1983 he won the nomination as Timpanist at the Colón Theatre Orchestra, while also acting as percussionist with the EIMC group. Since 1987 he is percussionist at Trieste's G. Verdi Theatre.

As a soloist, he has played with orchestras conducted by Ljerko Spiller, Alessandro Bevilacqua, Emilio Pomarico, Gerardo Gandini, Anton Nanut and Andrés Spiller, among others. He has performed many marimba / percussion recitals in Argentina, Italy, Croatia and Slovenia. He has played the première for a great number of works written specially for him, also in very famous concert halls: in1981 at the Coliseo Theatre of Buenos Aires, Eduardo Alemann’s "Episodios"; in 1996 at the Colón Theatre, Marco Sofianopulo’s Marimba Concerto; in 2001 Claudio Scannavini’s Divertimento with the Slovenian RTV orchestra conducted by Anton Nanut. In 1998 he performed André Jolivet’s Concerto pour Percussion et Orchestre with the Argentine National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Andrés Spiller. He performs his Marimba Concerto with the Argentine National Symphony Orchestra directed by M° Bernhard Wulff in 2005 and with the Jüngen Symphoniker Orchester München conducted by M° Alejandro Vila in 2010.

He has played a great number of Marimba recitals for important concert seasons and festivals in Italy, Argentina, Croatia, Slovenia, Australia, etc. He passionately works to increase the repertoire for marimba and so far he has performed more than fifty works written for him.

For many years he taught at several Argentine music official Conservatoires and in 1982 he joined the team that elaborated the National Programmes for Percussion. In Italy, he succeeded at the national teaching examination of 1993. He has taught in the Conservatoires “Cesare Pollini” of Padova and “Luigi Cherubini” of Firenze. Now he teaches at the Conservatoire “Giuseppe Tartini” of Trieste. He gave numerous master-classes in Spilimbergo, Buenos Aires, Trieste, Udine, Melbourne, Sydney, etc. He has been called in various opportunities to join the jury at important international musical competitions as Ljubljana, Povoletto, Trieste, Svirel, etc.

In 1995 he founded the Triestango quintet, with which he made many international tournées.

He has recorded numerous CDs for EMI, ATC, Rugginenti, Audio Ars Studio, Velut luna, and TsT. Among these, "Contemporary marimba" (1996), published by Rusty Records of Milan and "Marimba Crossing" (2000) published by Taukay Udine, Italy, containing works for solo marimba, written for him. In 2008 Audio Ars Studio publishes the “Rocío”.

Since he was a child he has enjoyed writing music. Pérez Tedesco can be defined as an eclectic self-taught composer. Rhythm and percussion are of main interest in his pieces. In 1997 he's been awarded the first price at the Composition Competition of the Proscenio Found at Buenos Aires, Argentina, for "Empor" (solo marimba and percussion quartet) and the first price at the Composition Competition of the Euritmia Found at Povoletto, 2000. Some of his pages have been published by Pizzicato, Ruginenti and Taukay, and many of his works have been recorded in CDs (EMI, Rugginenti, Taukay, Audio Ars Studio, El Arca de Noé, etc.) and broadcast by National Radios. His catalogue contains more than 100 scores including music for solos, chamber music, symphonic works, music for various soloist intruments with orchestra and also music for the stage.

Many of his works have been performed at important institutions and concert seasons like the European Music Festival of Bergamo; "Ripercussioni Venezia" at Mocenigo Palace; Nei Suoni dei Luoghi (Ljubljana, Durazzo, Labin, Neum, Tarvisio, Grisignana, Sremka Mitrovica, Bar, Travnik, Skutari, etc.); EIMC Buenos Aires; Trieste Contemporanea; Udine Contemporanea; Zahrarmonie; Koper RTV; Spanish National Broadcasting; Argentine National Broadcasting; RAI; European Parliament, Bruxelles; Milano Classica Concert Season; Salón Dorado of the Colón Theatre in Buenos Aires; Bologna Economy University; Villa Manin, Passariano; Festival Buenos Aires Tango; Montevideo; São Paulo; Córdoba; Buenos Aires Tango World Competition; Trieste International Tango Festival and Chicago International Tango Festival. Also Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Gorizia, Lignano, Caorle, Capriva del Friuli, Ancona, Rimini, Praga, Roma, Vienna, Madrid, Pordenone, Nova Gorica, etc.

Many outstanding soloists and ensembles such as Fabrizio Meloni, Mario Marzi, Roberto Prosseda, Louise Sibourd, Alejandro Vila, Stefano Furini, Moens of Praga, MD7 of Ljubljana, Taukay ensemble, Jünger Symphoniker Orchester München, Antidogma ensemble, TriesTango and others have performed the premières of his works. In 2005 Fabián Pérez Tedesco himself played the première of his Marimba Concerto with the Argentine National Symphony Orchestra in Buenos Aires, under the conducting of Bernhard Wulff. In 2005 takes place the performing of his ballet La Leggenda del Lago Dorato. The same year, for the first centenary of Franz Léhar’s Happy Widow he makes the arrangement of the score for the play “Allegra era la vedova”, performed at Mittelfest of Cividale del Friuli, with replays at the Teatro Regio of Torino. In 2006 he conducts his short opera “Pachamama”, with the Soloists of the Teatro Verdi’s Philharmonic.

In 2009, for the 40th Trieste Operetta Festival, he was asked the arrangements of the works “Der Graf von Luxemburg” by F. Léhar and “Ein Walzertraum” by O. Straus, which he also conducted.

As a conductor, having directed in many opportunities the performances of his own works, in 2005 he conducted the performance of “Tre Storie”, short works for the stage by F. Vidali, N. Verchi and Pérez Tedesco himself; in 2007 he conducts the Chamber Orchestra of the Teatro Verdi’s Philharmonic in the “Serenade Gran Partita” by Mozart and the Bassoon Concerto by A. Jolivet, for the Concert season “Weekend al Verdi”. Since 2002 he has been the director of the Gruppo Percussioni Trieste. He conducts the “Giuseppe Verdi” Wind Orchestra in several occasions.

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